Bricks on Vacation

26 Jul

One of many bricks stamped with the following:"ST. LOUIS V.Argh this is so cool. So I’ve been on vacation in Two Harbors, Minnesota, which is near Duluth and on the shore of Lake Superior. There are some big rocks by the shore my brother, cousins and I were climbing around on, and there was some cement too. Some chunks had metal poles about an inch in diameter. There was one big piece that was in the shape of a corner, sitting so it looked like a roof. My brother noticed a brick in the side that looked like the one pictured, but it was old and hard to read without taking a charcoal rubbing or something (I didn’t have any paper/writing utensils handy), and part of one corner was covered with cement. But I thought it said;
The spacing was kind of weird, and I couldn’t see any of the periods. The S in Louis and the K in what i assumed was Book were covered, and the first O in Book is really a C but it was hard to make out, as was the E (really an F). I did notice the space between B and the rest of what I thought was ‘Book’, though my brother said it was irrelevant. Anyway, I remembered it until I found a pen in the car later that day, and wrote it on my hand (I was in too much of a hurry for paper). I looked it up about 20 minutes ago, and though it took me a few tries and different keywords to try it, I figured it out! I’m proud of myself. I feel all smart and clever C: Also, I didn’t know ‘brick collecting’ was a thing, but apparently it is. Go figure.

Oh, and this is the message that came with the original picture:
“One of many bricks stamped with the following:”ST. LOUIS V. & F. B. CO STANDARD”According to this link, that probably stands for the St. Louis Vitrified & Fire Brick Co. who’s mine was located in St. Louis County at Dorsett and Fee Fee Roads. The company was also an exhibiter at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.”
It’s from a blog in Centaur Mines, Missouri. MISSOURI. And I found the brick in Minnesota. It’d be interesting to find out how it got there! Another mystery for tomorrow. It’s late here and I’ve gotta sleep.

Just thought I’d share my little nugget of knowledge and discovery with you. Hope you found it at least a tiny bit cool 😀

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