Double Rainbow!

08 Aug

Long time no type. I haven’t had much to write about lately, and expect another post from me tomorrow, but for now I have to show you guys something.

…But first I have a confession. While I have seen some Doctor Who episodes, I’ve never seen them in order, from the start. So a few days ago I started watching them! I already knew I loved them, but now I know I love them! I just finished the first season. Jeeze. Christopher freaking Eccleston. I never thought I’d like him best as Doctor, and there’s still time for that to be true, but he’s grown on me. I’m gonna miss him! I mean, I’m not sad about seeing more of David Tennant, but Eccleston was pretty awesome. I squealed during the kiss. I squealed. And it’s like one in the morning. …I hope I didn’t wake anyone up.

That reminds me. I have to be up at 10 tomorrow today. So early, I know. But I’ll leave you with this;

Twas scrolling through some Who-ness on deviantART and stumbled across this. It is seriously the most brilliant thing I’ve seen this year. And now, good night fellow WordPress-ers, and possible fellow Whovians! 🙂

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