16 Aug
Tero character sheet (SPOILER WARNING!)

I know I already have a big heaping mound of spoilers around my dA, but I just thought I’d warn you…

Tero Telliner

1. What are the character’s strongest traits?
-Persuasion, charisma, loyalty, acting, stamina, inflexibility, competitiveness
2. What does the character value most?
-Family, power (so he feels secure), being even
3. Is the character motivated by winning/competitive streak?
-YES. That’s half of what’s behind his attempted takeover of Athio, and it also affects how he treats his subordinates (ie, not letting a man return to his family, because if Tero can’t be with his family then no one can, darn it!)
4. Jealousy?
-Oh yes. He was super jealous of Ben for unknowingly taking Cora from him, and that’s left residual hatred, even though he originally was taking Cora from Ben. He ignores that fact though.
5. Fear?
-Yes. He’s got a major phobia of not being in control. If he’s not in control, a higher-up could easily remove his rights for no reason at all (hypothetically), just like that, just because they feel like it, and he can’t do anything about it. And that scares the heck out of him. So part of why he wants power in Athio is so they can’t come in with their possibly larger army and make him a prisoner. It’s also a part of why he only displays evil-alpha-wolf traits in public; if someone knew he had, gasp, actual emotions, they could take advantage of him.
6. Anger?
-Yeup. He’s angry at both Ben and Cora for the messy relationship biz, and even though he got a huge heaping of revenge already, he’s still mad. He’s a very good carrier of grudges. He’s angry at the man who killed his father, who he also already killed, but just the thought that there are more people out there who would go to a bar, get drunk, and kill someone’s dad, or husband, or friend, infuriates him.
7. Sense of entitlement?
-Not really. Though the fact that he had an affair with the queen of Athio, for Tabor’s sake, does make him think that he deserves at least a little bit of power, right?
8. Does the character display emotions? Which ones?
-Indifference, greed, cruelty, anger, grudging approval, sadistic glee, etc. outwardly. In the privacy of his own mind (or room), he admits to emotions like fear, sadness, loneliness, desperation, rejection (on his bad days), actual real happiness, love, humor, and the want to do fun things, not just take over countries (on better days).
9. Would the character take a life?
-Oh heck yes. Although he struggles to actually kill someone in person without a really good reason (they killed a loved one, they dumped him and by extension ruined his life, he was a tad drunk…etc.). It’s a lot easier to just tell his army to go take over Athio, by whatever means necessary, when he doesn’t have to see the corpses.
10. Why?
-Whoops. Already said up there. Cause they deserved it, dang it! Or it’s vital to the plan.
11. How would the character feel about taking a life?
-Again, depends on 1)if he’s sober or not and 2)how bad they deserved it.
12. What is the character’s weapon of choice?
-Poison! If he absolutely can not get anyone else on the planet to do a little dirty work for him, he’ll go for the subtle method. He doesn’t like the duel-and-dramatic-speech method (unless they REALLY deserved it, like Cora and Ben, apparently).
13. Why?
-I need to start reading ahead a bit. Already explained…
14. Does the character “dress the part” of a villain?
-Sometimes. When he’s feeling exceptionally egoistic. Usually he opts for something practical, though if it comes in dark colors that’s what he’ll take.
15. Why or why not?
16. How did the character’s “villainous” career start?
-When he plotted revenge on his father’s unwitting murderer, but really when he extracted his revenge in the form of torturing and eventually killing the man at age 18.
17. Why did it escalate?
-He actually attempted to stick to the (relatively) straight-and-narrow, until he met Cora and just went ‘oh what the hell, it can’t hurt’. When she left him and he subsequently discovered Athio’s plans to go to work on Aboa, he started plotting again and it grew from there.
18. What does the character want to gain from his/her villainy?
-1)Power, and therefore security. 2)Being able to come to terms with the whole Cora business (by finally being satisfied with his level of revenge), as well as, to some extent, his father’s death. 3)Showing up those ridiculous caste-supporting council members. 4)There is one legitimate reason; the leader inside him has plans to make trading and general interaction between the two countries smoother, because if they’re under the same rule it’s like the same country, just far apart.
19. Does the character have any accomplices?
-If you count his army, then yes, tons. The poison brewer is also relatively close to him, like the highest ranking army officials (under Tero, of course). But no partners-in-crime type accomplices.
20. Are they equals?
-Heck no. …At least not the way he sees it.
21. Are they his/her master?
-No. Though the poison brewer could probably gain that position with some crafty infiltration if he really wanted to.
22. Are they underlings?
-Oh yes.
23. Does the character love anyone?
-CORA. His parents, too, and even Tangle. He looooves his family.
24. Does the character respect anyone?
-His father. Big-time. He was his role model as a child, even though he was a minor drunk. When his father was sober Tero looked up to him. He has some degree of respect for the poison brewer and some of the higher ranking officials in his army.
25. How would the character respond to a physical threat?
-As in someone threatening to physically harm him, or someone just physically harming him? Either way, his preferred choice would be to have some of his soldiers take the person away, but otherwise he would probably slug the guy in the face. That wouldn’t normally be a good plan because Tero’s a hopeless hand-to-hand fighter and doesn’t carry a weapon everywhere, but he wears a very sharp ring on his right ring finger that is infused with a minor dose of fast-acting knockout drug from the poison brewer. And of course Tero’s smart enough to know how to kill the man with his hands when he’s knocked out, though he’ll usually just leave the guy where he drops.
26. How would the character respond to an insult?
-Unfazed, typically. He’s not very sensitive to that kind of thing. He can get a little touchy if you talk about his family or some such thing he cares about, in which case he’ll administer some similar poisoning to the previous question, but he’s surprisingly unreceptive to most insults, even if you’re calling his father the drunken son of a three-legged cow.
27. How would the character respond to someone stealing or hurting what is his/hers?
-If it’s a possession, he’ll just have them taken prisoner, as he’s not a very material person. If you touch a hair on the head of a person (or animal) he either cares even remotely about or needs for some reason, however, he’ll give you some poison. And not just tranquilizer stuff either, toxin that will have you heaving your insides out for weeks.
28. How does the character make money?
-As basically the ruler of a country, he doesn’t need to, but when he did need to it was via stealing or scamming.
29. What are the character’s weaknesses/blind spots?
-Have I mentioned how devoted he is to his family? I don’t think I’ve stressed it enough. That would be a weakness someone could exploit. As for weak personality traits, he doesn’t really know when to stop when it comes to revenge. He also has a hard time making friends (not that he needs them, after all, he’s got a whole country at his feet. Who needs friends?). He sometimes has one drink too many, too, because even though he despises people who go out and get drunk and get into bar fights, when he’s drunk, it only clouds his judgement a tiny bit and heightens his sense of vengeance.
30. How can this character be defeated?
-Uh, by killing him…? He can be outsmarted, though that rarely happens because he puts tons of thought into everything. He has a strong will and would let you kill him before he would submit to you.
31. Is this character a careful strategist, a blind sheep, or a master of improvisation?
-Careful strategist. He does have somewhat of a knack for improv, but he despises going into situations where you have to rely on it. Of course sometimes you can’t anticipate something, but he likes to plan for as much as he can. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to having solid ground under his feet, remember?
32. Does this character commit crimes of passion?
-Not as in rape. As in murdering for love or heartbreak? Definitely. That’s why he killed his father’s killer, and why he killed Ben and Cora.
33. Crimes of malicious intent?
-Yes. He plans things meticulously, so he knows when he’s going to have to kill someone.
34. Pre-meditated crimes?
-That’s the only type of crime he ever does.
35. What does this character secretly long to be?
-In control. Liked. Surrounded by family.
36. What stops him/her from committing a crime?
-Nothing really has so far. A loved one could definitely persuade him not to, either by directly telling him to stop or by being used by an opposing party as leverage.


Decided I needed to work on Tero and his back story a little more. This was really fun to fill out 😀 I really love Tero, and I did a lot of plot-changing just while writing this, so my story will hopefully be better for it…
Yeah. He’s a family man. He didn’t even know about Tangle for the longest time, but he would have been a decent father to her if he did know. I have something good planned for their meeting scene C:<

Form I filled out is here.

Oh my gosh guys, I found Tero’s theme song. [link]

Tero character sheet (SPOILER WARNING!)


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