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ARE YOU AN ARTIST? Then please read this! :)

(Ok, I guess this blog isn’t really going to be limited to writing-related stuff anymore. I’ll still upload writing stuff, don’t worry, but it’ll have other things too 😉 But anyway!)

OKAY. SO. I just had an idea. I would like to think it’s a great idea. I think it’s great, but that might be my ego. But anyway, I’ll tell you and let you decide:

So my friend Abby got me started on the song Wavin’ Flag by Young Artists for Haiti. It’s a really great song, similar in genre to We Are the World 25 (for Haiti). I was listening to it (again) and looking at the title of the youtube video, and then I thought… They mean ‘young artists’ in the sense of young musical artists. But what if young visual artists could do it? Heck, visual artists in general, no matter the age (or skill level ;p). Nothing outrageous, just a video on youtube to that song, accompanied by pictures with the lyrics written on them. And each line of lyrics could be drawn/painted/photographed/whatever by a different artist, similar to MEPs. I think that would be awesome. If anyone would want to do this, please please please leave a comment and I’ll post how I was thinking of dividing the lyrics, and more info 🙂
Thanks for reading! I really hope I can get some people interested in this!

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